The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME) is an interfaith wisdom school that offers an intensive two-year chaplaincy program for those seeking to deepen their spiritual growth or ordination as interfaith ministers.

Professor Dana Sawyer, Abbess Patricia Ellen and ChIME Planetary Chaplain Pious Ali
 Celebrate Interfaith! ChIME's recent benefit at the Portland Public Library   
 Chaplaincy Institute of Maine

The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine is an Interfaith wisdom school and open community committed to transformation of the self and planet earth through education, ordination, support, celebration and service. ChIME will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, marital status, beliefs, age, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability. ChIME is a non-profit, Interfaith seminary governed by a Board of Trustees.


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